About Me

Welcome, friends! My name is Katya, I live in Pasadena (The City of Roses), and I write YA fantasy. I'm partial to road trips, Silver Age superheroes, chalk art festivals, strong coffee and my painting studio, which I share with a hive of honeybees.

Before Pasadena, I lived in Antwerp and San Francisco, Hamburg and Zurich, Dublin and Seville. These places gave me a taste for change, languages, mythology and art: all the things that inspire my writing and my life.

There’s so much to love in the world: reading good, interesting books 
and learning cool, new things (languages and recipes and art techniques,
home remedies, the meaning of names and the language of flowers,
superstitions, musical notation, and twenty different ways of making purple dye,
and whatever else I stumble across while researching),
meeting strangers who would become friends and finding paths all your own.
Also going for long, epic strolls or road trips or hikes with my favorite-husband-friend.
And traveling to places, both strange and familiar with the said friend-husband.
And making personal discoveries.
And TALKING about them to whoever will listen.
And LAUGHING often because it's good for the soul (also--kissing).
And, whenever possible, following my dreams, no matter how big or how small or how silly. Dreams like writing books.

This blog is mostly about books
but it is also about dreams
and those impossible, random, beautiful, everyday moments
that impress onto our souls, etch into our memories,
inspire us, kindle our curiosities and imaginations, urge us to create.

Writing is all about the wonder of discovery. I hope you'll join me on this journey.

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